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The medium voltage is lowered via Low Voltage Sub-stations in low voltages of 220V or 380V, thus feeding large building blocks. In the R.E.S. ( photovoltaic parks, wind farms ) their voltage is raised via sub-stations, in order to be able to connect to the PPC network.

Metal outdoor cabins are manufactured in accordance with the EN IEC 62271 standards.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, they may be transferred along with the entire equipment connected or without the transformer, which is transferred independently and is connected within the relay cubicle, after it has been laid on a concrete base.

The walls and roof are made of polyurethane insulated boards.

The base and frame consist of properly sized metal beams, so that the relay cubicle may be transferred.

The paint is from epoxy powder, resistant to external environment, of RAL7032 hue or other one upon selection.

The relay cubicles come with perimeter grounding, as well as an electrical installation of internal lighting- auxiliary sockets. In addition, a suitable fan is also installed to ventilate the transformer. The ventilation openings are performed with the appropriate louver sheets and filters to prevent particles from entering.

Pre – fabricated Outdoor S/S ( Shelters )


The shelter includes three separated areas:

Space Medium Voltage ( MV )

Space Transformer ( T / F )

Space low voltage ( LV )

Manufactured according to EN IEC 62271

The shelter can be mounted on a concrete base on which is anchored with plugs.

The walls of the shelter are composed of polyurethane insulating panel.

The roof is made of steel “sandwich”, with polyurethane insulation.

The base frame of the shelter is made from UPN – 100. Inside the box there are sleepers ( Hollow section 100x50x3 ) to be undertaken safely, the projected internal load. In the transformer room there are also rails ( UPN – 120 ) to allow the transformer move on rails. The frame is welded and has anticorrosive coating on the entire surface.

The transformer room is equipped with fans. The fan is covered externally with steel cover. In addition there are two ( 2 ) openings for air intake ( size 600 x 600mm ). Internal openings are covered by louvers.

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