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Medium Voltage Switchboards

The 24 kV Medium Voltage Switchboards marketed by our company is applied to industries, hospitals, as well as consumers in urban and outdoor centers. The components of the medium voltage boards, Secondary Protection Relays, Measuring Circuit Breakers Instruments, Automatic Circuit Breakers, contribute to the security in each installation.

The Standardized Medium Voltage Switchboards traded by our company:

are manufactured in accordance with the IEC 62271-1, IEC 62271-200 standards and possess ISO9001ISO14001 certificates.

may be extended with reduced dimensions for easy installation.

have full security provisions ( mechanical locks and key locks, padlocks to prevent mistakes, mimic diagram ).

they possess of SF6 technology switches and automatic vacuum switches, as well as a full range of components (in-out coils, motors, auxiliary contacts, locks, lighting arresters, heating resistors etc.).

AIR24 series switchboards


Equipped with air-operated rotary on-load and rotary off-load switches ( TGA and TGN series ) and SF6 or vacuum circuit breakers.

Double isolation and air insulation, with opened switch across the upper incoming and outgoing terminals.

Condition of maximum safety against pollution during operation and possible leakage currents. Full range of standard panels

Reduced overall dimensions

Segregation between the busbar compartment and the lower compartment is assured by the frame of switch

According to IEC 62271-200, ISO9001ISO14001.

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