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Low Voltage Switchboards


STEELMAXenergy possess a specialized switchboards production department, with series test certificates and their construction / assembly complies with the European standard ΕΝ 61439-1. Our company’s engineers design integrated solutions and the production personnel manufactures switchboards based on the international standards. The materials placed in each electrical / automation board manufactured, are made of branded materials of electrical equipment and the cabinets may be manufactured / certified by us or may be standardized boxes from other certified European companies.

The low voltage switchboards we manufacture are:

Rated current up to 4000 Α.

Rated operational voltage up to 690 V.

Protection degree up to ΙΡ 65.

Partitioned or not partitioned ( Form 1, 2a, 2b, 3b, 4b ).

They come with a 2mm galvanised metal support plate and have a wide range of spare parts.

With optimal construction as our main goal and the requirements of the installation, we study the requirements of electrical circuits, we select the appropriate power and automation materials, we design the relevant layout of the board to be manufactured and proceed in its assembly upon approval by the customer. Then, we perform the necessary series tests ( or type tests upon consultation ) and proceed in its delivery ex-works in our warehouse or on-site turn key in the project. Upon completion of the construction, the final electrical drawings ( as-build ) are delivered.

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The low voltage switchboards depending on their application may be:

Distribution and lighting switchboards.

Motor control center switchboards MCCs.

Automation capacitor banks for reactive power compensation.

Continuous power circuit distribution boards ( DC ).

Automation & Gen Set boards.

Outdoor switchboards ( Pillars ).

The low voltage switchboards, depending on their use, may be of:

Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Enclosures.

Floor Expanding Panels.

Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Enclosures.

The metallic enclosures are made of 2mm DKP sheet-steel. They are accessible only from the front, the posses special hinges for door mounting and also they have lock pockets ( EMKA type ) where various locks can be installed. The cables’ entry is performed via knocks outs, where cable-glands can be attached. The enclosures possess special metal hooks for wall mounting. In cases where their placement is on the floor, there is a possibility to manufacture a special base over which the switchboard may be placed. Their protection degree ranges from ΙΡ 44 up to ΙΡ 55 depending on the installation location.

Floor Expanding Panels.

The metallic floor expanding panels are made for use in low voltage distribution applications up to 4000 Α. They are accessible from all sides and have a high durability frame. Cable entry is other from the top or from the bottom, by removing the appropriate metal sheet. They possess a metal front from 1,25mm DKP metal sheet in order to ensure safe handling by the operator. Partitioning is possible by isolating the central bar in a closed partition. The hinges and locks used in the floor metal expanding panels are manufactured by EMKA Company. Their protection degree ranges from ΙΡ 30 to ΙΡ 54 depending on their use and the place to be installed.