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Battery Racks

The broad range of STEELMAXenergy modular Battery Racks sufficiently meets the total needs of end users in various sectors, such as: Telecommunications, Industry, Transportation and Infrastructure.

STEELMAXenergy modular rack systems can be specified to accommodate any battery cell or jar. From flooded to sealed, from lead – acid to nickel – cadmium, from vertical to horizontal mounting, a high density space saving battery rack can be provisioned to be used with the majority of battery manufacturers with all battery types: VRLA, Front Terminal, OPzS, OGi, OPzV, Solar, Ni – Cd, etc. Custom designed battery racks can be also designed when needed.

All racks have been designed for normal or seismic proof use, are very easy to use, are strong, flexible and acid proof. Most important because they are built in modular sections, they are very easily assembled and modified. Last but not least and most important is that all battery racks and every single component is manufactured in our owned facilities, controlling quality from the initial design through final assembly to secure the best quality and best price.

Battery Racks
Top Terminal VRLA

Front Terminal VRLA